Saturday, April 18, 2009


Thanks for my cute outfit Nygren's!

Haha I love this one!!

Mea & Auntie Kiana (Jason's sister)
Easter Sunday
Moana (Mea's cousin)
Easter Sunday dress!
Mauka (Mea's cousin)

Here are a few pics from the last 3 wks. I can't believe she will be a month old on Monday! It's going by fast and we are having a blast! I forgot to say how big she was when she was born. She was 7 lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She is definately bigger than that now! She is eating all day long and is getting the cutest double chin! ha


The Sutera Family said...

She is so cute! Are you guys adjusted to being parents yet? How is she sleeping? I can't belive she has red hair; well I mean I can but that just never crossed my mind. Well now Braxton has something in common with Meali'i, they both have red hair. Hope everything is going well, and we are so happy for the both of you. Oh ya, and keep puting pictures up we love to see them. I kept checking your blog for new pictures
so I am so glad you FINALLY updated it.
Take Care and tell J we said "Hi"

Tyler and Ashley Mortensen said...

Its about time we got some more pics.... I was about to boycott your blog!!jk! She is adorable! I cant wait to get together so we can see your little one in person!

Jo Meier said...

She is DARLING!!! I absolutely love her name too! It's perfect!! Hope you guys are doing good!! Can't wait to meet her! :)

Bridget and Derrik said...

Emily she is a DOLL! Oh my heck... I'm so glad everything went okay! I hope you guys are doing well:)