Thursday, May 13, 2010's been awhile!

So do people still blog and I'm the only one that doesn't anymore?? I dunno why it has taken me so long, I put most of my pics on facebook now so i figured there's no point. Anyways-Mea is almost 14 months, I can't believe it! She is so fun and loves when Jason gets home from work! They play on the floor together all night! Jason is working at Wells Fargo and liking it. I'm home all day with Mea, so let me know if you ever wanna go do something fun! We have been going to the park since the weather has been nice. We're planning on going to a petting zoo on saturday so Jason can come! Mea can tell you what a dog, cat, sheep, horse, cow, frog, monkey, bird, and a bear can say! It's so cute. Also every time the train goes by our house and shakes everything and blows it's horn she says choo choo! She is getting her molars so she's been a little cranky and up a lot through the night, other than that she's a good girl!