Thursday, July 9, 2009

Newport Beach Family Vacation

Meali'i and cousin Portlin
Briggs, baby Bennett, Dutch, Portlin, Mea, & Tru
Our little family :)
I love this pic!
Our growing family
So sad, so many people there visiting his star
Sleeping at Disneyland.....Dutch, Moana, it!


We had a great time going on vacation to Cali with my family. We go every year and rent the same beach house each time. We usually go for a week, but we got to go for a week and a half this year. It was sooo fun! We thought it would be too long, but it was perfect. Jason and I brought his niece Moana with us and she had a blast playing with all the kids. She was a little hesitant on the rides at Disneyland, but she wanted to go again after every one. It was fun to have Meali'i there with us, but it was hard when I wanted to lay out! Maybe next year I can get more sun! We always do family pics there on the beach so here they are!