Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost into 7th month!

Ok ok....I'm sorry for taking sooooo long to put up a new belly pic. Here's what happened. I lost my cord for my camera to put into the computer so I have to do my blog when I'm in Vegas and use my parents camera. I'll try not to go that long again! We had a great Thanksgiving with my family at the cabin. Jason and I had Jason's neice Moana (20 months) during Thanksgiving for 3 weeks and it was so fun! It got me ready for my own child, except I just hope ours is as easy as Moana is! I have been feeling great still and my tummy is getting bigger and bigger everyday!! I am excited that I hit double digits today and only have 99 days left until my due date!! Hope you all have a good and safe holiday and we will see some of you in Salt Lake soon!